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SDL Borovets
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Property Management

A. Managing your real estate / apartment, villa, house and others / includes:

  • Maintenance of the dwelling / small repairs, stopping and putting on hot, cold water, heating, etc.) .One serious problems will be repaired within the budget defined by the owner.
  • Payment of electricity, water, hotel taxi, telephone, TV, internet and other bills.
  • Regular visits and property inspections. Check the security of all doors and windows.
  • Ventilation and cleaning.
  • Payment of municipal and local taxes and fees.

Pos. An annual fee is payable for this service, which depends on the type of property and where it is located.


B. Management of your real estate / apartment, villa, house and others / includes:

When you become Property / apartment, villa, house and others/ in the Borovets resort or in the region of Samokov, you can sign a contract with us for renting the same property. We will offer it on the Bulgarian and international tourist market for achieving the following main objectives:

  • The property works for you and returns the money you invest between $ 4-6% a year
  • Guaranteed annual rentals for your apartment
  • Achieving high annual income for the property owner
  • You will use your property for free on certain days of the year
  • All other expenses will be paid by us