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Borovets - ski

Borovets ski and snowboard destination - it is known both in Bulgaria and far beyond its borders. From the 1930s Borovets then called Chamkoria began to develop as a center of tourism and sports, becoming the first mountain resort in the Balkans.



The marked ski runs in the resort are about 58 kilometers and 24 in number, and the longest track is 12 kilometers. The ski season continues according to the weather conditions, but usually from December to April. Conditions in Borovets are excellent for biathlon, alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing. Three World Championships - alpine skiing and biathlon, as well as 12 European Cup competitions are proof of that.


borovets ski borovets ski

Borovets ski areas

There are three ski zones in Borovets: Markudzhik, Sitnyakovo, Yastrebets. All are over 1300m. altitude. Sitnyakovo and Yastrebets are equipped with a snow installation for the slopes, and the Iglika and Rila slopes from the Sitnyakovo area are suitable for night riding. In the Yastrebets ski area is the highest ski point - 2560 meters. Great conditions for sports in Borovets skiing, snowboarding, biathlon. Runways maintained and excellent organization. Incredible, breathtaking views, combined with the convenience and comfort of the modern man.

The minimum width for cross-country skiing is 6 meters and the length is 35 meters. There are 5 lifts on the ski slopes - with a total capacity of about 10,000 people per hour and 5 ski lifts, three of which are for night skiing. In the Markujik Ski Area, the snow cover reaches up to 2 meters during the winter months, providing a great opportunity for fans of extreme skiing or snowboarding.

The Borovets resort is visited not only in winter but also during the rest of the year because of the good opportunities for sports and recreation. Other sports that can be practiced in Borovets are mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering.

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