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BOROVETS TRACK MAP is among the most sought after landmarks online. VIEW BOROVETS MAP SUMMER AND BOROVETS MAP - WINTER.
Боровец карта The famous Bulgarian resort dates back to 1896, when Prince Ferdinand began the construction of his hunting lodge "Tsarska Bistritsa" in Chamkoria / Borovets /. Soon Chamkoria became a favorite place for the elite of Bulgaria, judging by the 74 villas built by noble Bulgarians until 1928. Although used for winter recreation only after the 1930s, Borovets attracted its fans in the winter even before. The Bulgarian press of 1913 mentions skiing and organizing fun sled rides. Probably even then, the guests of Borovets needed a map of the area, but it is more likely that the locals served as a guide. It is curious that when the locals see the imported skis trying to make their own - the local carpenters achieve minimal success and later the Bulgarians start riding the popular model Slaveyevki.
Thus, on the history map, Borovets is among the sought-after destinations for three centuries.
The sport in Borovets starts in 1930, when the first ski downhill race from Sitnyakovo to Borovets was organized. At that time, climbing was a big difficulty. The lift of the wealthier Bulgarians consisted of mule and rope ...
Gradually Borovets established itself as a sports center, especially in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. The second half of the 20th century is also the time when Borovets developed at the fastest pace to become one of the leading resorts for winter and summer recreation and sports today.
It is not in vain that critics of urbanization oppose Chamkoria to Borovets. But can nature's progress be opposed? How to find the harmonious intertwining of these two concepts? Do these cards answer the question? We very much hope so.

Borovets map - summer

Borovets map - winter